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Cleanliness and hygiene is the dire need of any House. Positive energy and good impression plug in when your house is neat and tidy. You need a reliable and best housekeeping agency to maintain this.

● It is really difficult to manage office work and household chores and other personal work together. Considering your problems, we supply reliable housemaids to serve you with your household tasks.

● We have a list of housemaids who are dedicated towards their work and will take care of your house and maintain it clean. We hire maids after a detailed background check to confirm that they are trustworthy and honest. We also make sure that they take supreme care about cleanliness to deliver a good health for you and your family.

● If you are a working professional and no one stays at home during a day, obliging the timing of a maid can become tremendously difficult. Don’t worry. We have a solution for that too. Our maids will clean your house once in a weekend when you are available at home.

● The House Maid Service promises you a house which is Clutter-free and it makes your house healthy and a vibrant place to live in. He/she will ensure that you have a comfortable environment and that you enjoy your place.

● Select and go for a specialized service for your house or you can even take all the services. The decision is yours.

● Let the maid or the housekeeping staff know about your specific needs so that your work and routine remains undisturbed. All the maids are humble and supportive of your requirements.

● Go for Services that are Customized and perfect fit for your pocket.

● Bargain yourself your leisure hour, the extra time which you can spend in prioritizing your favourite tasks at home.

● Hiring a babysitter is a complicated task, particularly if you are a working parent. You have to take a risk by giving your baby to an unknown person for the whole day which will constantly make you worry about the well-being and security of your little one.

● We have taken many efforts to make your worries flee by enlisting the names of reliable babysitters who have years of experience in this field. You need to be experienced to take care of babies properly. Hence, we resolve to take the most experienced babysitters on-board to guarantee you with the best possible solution.

● Our babysitters will give love and affection to your child as their own. They will make sure your kid is well groomed, gets proper sleep and eats healthy. Our babysitters take their work very sportingly and they ensure extreme care for your child.

● Whatever is your requirement regarding a babysitter weather a full-time nanny, a part-time nanny or a nanny only for once instance, we can easily provide you with any kind of service.

● Most of the working professionals don’t get enough time to cook and they end up ordering food from restaurants or eating ready to make food, canned food, junk food and frozen items. We all know how unhealthy and unhygienic these foods are. It’s better to hire a cook and eat healthy rather than compromising on your health by eating outside food.

● The cooks on our list are professional in culinary skills. They know the varied tastes of clients and know to cook all kinds of traditional dishes irrespective of what state you belong to. Whether you are a vegan or non-vegan, our cooks can make you remember the taste of your mother’s hands. We run a detailed background investigation to ensure our cooks are truthful. Our cooks maintain a hygienic surrounding while preparing food to ensure that you don't have to risk your health.

● Our cooks are extremely dependable and do not expose you to surprise absence. Even if your requirement is bi-weekly, thrice a week - our cooks can cater to that. If you do not have time to accommodate a full time maid, you can hire a cook on the weekend basis to cook food for you.

● If you are a busy professional and have elderly people at home, then you need to hire someone to take care of them. Due to our busy schedule we are not able to pay much attention towards them and this breaks our heart.

● We are here to resolve this problem for you. We have enlisted a number of professional caretakers who have experience in elderly care. They have experience of taking care of patients and old people and do an overwhelming job of it.

● Elderly people always needs two things i.e. care and sympathy. We promise you, our staff will concentrate in fulfilling their both needs. Our staff is well-trained for taking care of patients, care of disabled, handicapped and elders. Your elderly members will find a companion in our staff.

● Taking care of a patient is not an easy task. There needs to be someone always available for them 24x7. If you are a working professional and you have a patient at home, the problem is critical. You can handover it to the experts like us.

● We have lots of experienced patient caretakers on our list. They are nursing trained professionals who can take care of your loved ones just like you would. We have both male and female nurses to look after patients at your home.

● Our patient care takers are reliable and loving. They take care of a patient without any accidents. They take care of each and every need of a patient and provide them medicines to help them recover fast.

● Full time, part-time or simply one time, whatever is your need, we are here to help. Our patient caretakers are available 24X7 because we know emergencies don't give an alarm before arriving.

● The time after a child is born is a sensitive one for both mother and child. The baby needs frequent care and attention and the mother must be served and looked after. Along with the stress of a delivery, a mother goes through massive trauma in the form of keeping awake at nights, being at the beck and call of the baby and putting a hold of her life for a few months.

● New mothers need a helping hand in their time of need. This is where a Japa Maid has her role to play. They can take some work off the new mother as well as guide and support in the time of need. A Japa maid teaches a new mother on how to take care of the baby, and helps them in every possible way.

● Pets are very special for some people and they need to be taken care of. You cannot leave them alone at home and leave for work. That's the reason why many working professionals cannot keep pets although they really want to. We have a simple solution to this problem. We have pet caretakers to do the work for you.

● With our pet care crew, you can have the fun of having a pet although you don't stay at home for the whole day. Our pet care personnel are well trained and they are attached to pets as much as you do. They will take care of your pets as their own, play with them, take them for a walk or to the park, feed them and if required take them to the vet.

● Full time, part time or once in a while, whatever is your requirement; we have all kinds of services available for you. And that too at a very reasonable cost.

● You can call us to know more about our pet care services.

● With the increasing road traffic day by day across India, driving has become more challenging and risky. Sometimes a situation occurs where you are busy in office but your car is required by a family member. Emergencies may arise at home when you are away from home along with your car and there is no other car at home.

● We have a great solution to all these problems, i.e. to hire a driver. Hiring drivers is not a big deal, but in most cases, you have to hire them for full time. Well, when you hire drivers from us, you can hire as per your requirement. If you want part-time, every day or once in a blue moon or maybe just for a weekend trip, you can hire drivers from us. And that too at an affordable rate.

● Safety is a big cause of concern while driving. But not in our case. We list drivers only after a systematic driving test to ensure that the drivers are safe and reliable. We verify to ensure the driving license is original.

It is easy to run a household, but not without the help of the maids, especially when you are working. We all know that hiring a 24 Hours Maid Services in Mumbai has never been easy. Keeping that in mind, Reliance maid services have tried simplifying and making the process of hiring maids convenient for you. The task of a maid for the complete 24 hours is to provide professional house cleaning services including quality and integrity. This will be accomplished by providing them with all home cleaning equipment and supplies.

Hiring a 24 Hours Maid Services in Mumbai can save a lot of valuable time for the families. Household chores are very much time consuming and never-ending. Therefore, having a maid for 24 hours for handling these duties can make the life of a busy family easy. Most maids in Mumbai are hired to take care of children and elderly people. Apart from this, 24 Hours Maid Services in Mumbai will also help you with cooking and cleaning tasks which can give you ample time to relax at home after you return from a busy day at work.

There are also other advantages like having more free time to do things you enjoy, and also having time to go out with the family for dinner. You can enjoy all these things knowing that your house is in good and safe hands, and it will always be shining clean when you return home.

Things can become really hard if your part-time maid does not show up for work. It can be tremendously challenging and nerve-wracking for both parents to hold a full-time job. So, don’t take the risk of not getting a maid or getting just a part-time maid.

Here Are Some Advantages of Hiring a 24 Hours Maid Services From Reliance maid services

● Can cook and wash up after every meal.
● Vacuum, clean, and mop the house.
● May run errands and shop for you.
● Be a nanny or babysitter for the kids.
● Can look after your elderly family members.
● Can take care of your pets and keep them clean.
● Can be a caregiver when you are sick.
● Wash the car if you ask.
● Can translate for you in the native language.
● Does minor maintenance of the house like repairing broken things, fixing of windows, chairs, etc.

Special services provided by 24 hours maid services in Mumbai Deep Cleaning Service:

If you are committed to keeping your home clean but need some extra help, you’ll surely hire a professional cleaning service for regular cleaning work. A quality regular cleaning service will typically come to your home once a week or several times a month depending on your needs. But if you want to have daily cleaned your house you need to hire a 24 hours maid service in Mumbai. When it comes to cleaning, 24 hours maid services in Mumbai have proved best as they serve you with deep cleaning which has become essential for today. Deep cleaning is necessary to be done once a week to keep the house clean and hygienic. Deep cleaning has become a must to protect us from getting infected with viruses and bacteria. Deep cleaning is highly essential for people who have kids, elderly people, or sick people in their house. Deep cleaning covers areas that aren’t usually covered by regular cleaning. These include:
● Behind kitchen appliances like washing machine, oven, and refrigerator.
● Under the kitchen and bathroom sinks.
● Inside the oven .
● Complete window and door cleaning.
● Complete dusting of all corners and hidden surfaces.
● Descaling bathroom tiles, taps, faucets, showerheads, etc.
● Under the sofas, dining table and beds .
● Washing curtains, cushions, doormats, dusters, etc.
You may also want to consider a deep cleaning service under special circumstances like post-renovation cleaning, cleaning for special events, occasions, and festivals can also be done with the help of 24 hours maid services in Mumbai.

Care taking service:

Our 24 hours maid services in Mumbai can go beyond their duties and become your caretaker whenever you are not well. The best part of hiring a 24 hours maid service in Mumbai from Reliance maid services is that they are versatile and are experts in every task. You can give them the duties that you wish. In case your nanny doesn't show up for the day, your maid can take care of your little one so that you don't have to take the leave from your work. Or, if there are any elderly people in your house, your full-time maid will always be ready to help them out. Also, they take proper care of your pets by feeding them from time to time, bathing them, clearing their poop, and taking them for outings.

Helping on special events:

Reliance maid services provide 24 hours maid services in Mumbai that help you with all your requirements on any special events. When you want to throw a party at home or have any special occasions or festivals, your maid will always come forward to cook special dishes for you and help to decorate the house and organize the event. Special dishes can be anything like traditional dishes, desserts, or snacks. They will also go to the market to buy the food items and other stuff required for the party. Also, they will clean the house before and after the event.
All the above household chores are performed by our maids whenever and wherever you ask them. This is the specialty of Reliance maid services. Our maids obey their employers and work sincerely and honestly. In case if you have any complaint against your maid you can contact us immediately regarding the same. We can also replace the maid for you. Due to our flexible and budget-friendly services we have created a huge network in Mumbai for supplying maids. All our maids are trustworthy and verified by the police for your security. They are also literate, experienced, trained, and know the basic languages spoken in Mumbai. Though our maids are well trained and work for 24 x 7, our services are always professional and we give our customers a good and fair deal at a reasonable cost. Hence, you can trust us completely and contact us for 24 hours maid services in Mumbai.

We Indians are among the most maid-dependent people in the world. From getting our clothes washed to our washrooms cleaned, our children cared to our dogs walked, from being driven to work to have our dinner ready and our dishes washed, our need for maid service is for at least 16Γ—7, leaving out the sleeping hours. Maids are one of the most sought after services in Mumbai. Whether you want to hire a babysitter, a housekeeper, someone to cook, a caretaker, a driver for you, or even a Japa maid, Reliance maid services is the all in one solution for your household necessities.

You can hire housemaids to work either part-time or full time; our maid services are also very good at customizing work timings to cater to user needs. Housemaids can do regular cleaning, dusting, washing clothes, washing dishes, mopping the floor, and various other home chores. At the Reliance maid services, we offer you different filters to choose the right housemaid for you. It also becomes fairly easy to register a maid service in Mumbai as we have a wide range of service providers all over the city.

It is best to go for the register maid service in Mumbai that is accessible like Reliance maid services if you do not have time to test the checklists. Here professionals have already been checked, verified, and insured by the service companies, so you can trust and take their employees by conducting a small interview to select a suitable maid for your house. Sometimes we might send a different person each time. However, before trusting anyone, check whether the proprietor is licensed, insured, and bonded or not to safely manage the damages if any happens from both sides.

You can register maid service in Mumbai with Reliance maid services for full-time maids, part-time maids, or live-in maids. It’s your choice to choose which type of maid service is required for your house. A full-time maid in Mumbai works for a full day, a part-time maid works for 4-5 hours a day while the live-in maids stay 24hrs and do the duty for you.

Before hiring the maids’ Reliance maid services verify and make sure that the candidates meet the following required criteria:
● Proficient enough and experience.
● Approaches with reasonable monthly salary and additional bonus. ● Hygienic.
● Well-trained if hired from any agency and background verified.
● Reliable and healthy.
● The maid should be major and below age group 50.

What is the difference between a Japa maid and a babysitter?

Japa maids are different from housemaids and babysitters. A Japa maid is a specific kind of maid who is specialized in newborn and mother care. They are the social and emotional support systems for the mother of a newborn. They give a helping hand for miscellaneous work and strive to maintain the health and hygiene of the newborn. Women with a newborn require someone who can aid her to go through the baby care dos and don’ts. Japa maids are the perfect solution the lactating mothers can have. Japa maids educate the new moms on how to bathe, burp, and feed the newborn. Every baby is different, but with the kind of exposure every Japa maid has received, she knows the knacks to deal uniquely with all. Japa maid from the register maid service in Mumbai knows the tricks to make a baby sleep and also knows how to calm down the crying baby. Hence hiring a Japa maid is highly suggestible. All you need to make sure that the Japa maid hired is professional and ethical. Hiring a Japa maid from Reliance maid services will leave you completely tension-free.

The job responsibilities of the babysitter from Reliance maid services:

● Giving massage to the baby and the mother.
● Shower the baby.
● Put the baby to sleep.
● Washing baby clothes.
● Make food for baby.
● Feed the baby.
● Changing baby diaper.
● Making food for the mother.
● Keeping the surrounding clean and hygienic.
● Making a bed for baby and mother.
● Playing with baby.
● Helping the mother in her household work.
A babysitter is someone who provides child care in the absence of their parents. Mosty teenage girls often provide babysitting services for a few hours at a time or a part-time babysitting service. However, in-home sitters like nannies can be of any particular age. Register maid service in Mumbai has babysitters that are properly trained in child development and first aid. Depending on the type of job or working hours of the parents, the requirement for a babysitter may vary. Like some may prefer part-time babysitter service while others may prefer in-house baby sitter service.

The job responsibilities of the babysitter from Reliance maid services:

1. Feeding the toddlers from time to time.
2. Preparing breakfast as instructed by the parents.
3. To help the toddlers to talk properly and learn new things.
4. Doing some household activities like cleaning the floor, washing dishes, etc.
5. Changing the diapers of babies to keep them clean and rash free.
6. Preparing milk bottles for babies.
7. Picking kids from their school, tuitions, etc.
8. Assisting children with their school homework if instructed by the parents.
9. To make their bed and wear them night suit to get them ready for sleep.
10. To make them creative thereby engaging in the creative and learning activities.
11. Make them feel entertained thus participating in the activities of their crafts, games, comics, outings, and exercise.
12. To take care of the emotional pangs of the infant.
13. To educate toddlers about keeping personal hygiene and developing social interaction with others.
14. Keep the child safe from strange and risky things.
15. Can handle emergency situations with the help of first aid, and can control the situation thereby keeping important phone numbers and calling at the time of requirement.
In order to give themselves time to earn and do some productive job, parents hire babysitters. However, time away from home is enjoyable only when parents are secure in knowing that their child is well cared for. With register maid service in Mumbai, parents feel relaxed as they know that their children are in safe and excellent hands.