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A Wide Range Of Maid Services

We take the complete Responsibility and care about our staff, customers and environment as attaining satisfaction is our ultimate Goal


A Wide Range Of Maid Services

We ensure that our work is well organized and keep a check on our Client’s requirements. Conflict Resolution is our Priority and we pay complete heed to our Customer’s suggestions

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( Over 10+ years of experience and top leading maid agency in Mumbai )

Now a days everyone is living a busy, hectic and tense life. We always wish we had some magical power to complete our daily chores within a fraction of a second so that we can enjoy and live our life the way we want to. Don't we? We actually have those magicians in the form of maids but they are hardly trustworthy.

Many at times it happens that we get to know early in the morning that the maid won't show up today and that spoils our mood for the rest of the day. But what if that day is very important for you at your work-place and you can’t afford to take a leave, then how can you manage both the tasks simultaneously?


How to hire the best maid?

● The Household Help sector is a very unethical sector where there is hardly any common law to understand how the department should function. As far as our knowledge and experience is concerned, we would like to present the below tips to help you hire & retain good maids. You may be aware that it’s a difficult task to find & retain good maids these days.

● When you interview a Maid over the telephone, talk to her politely. This is because they are more likely to turn up for the physical interview when they get a positive response from the employer on a telephonic interview.

● After you shortlist a maid, if she decides to join, ask her to join on the day of the interview itself or on the very next possible day. You can do this to save your time and efforts as the maid will have no time to grab other opportunities.

● When a maid that you have hired joins for work, there is a need to behave with her respectfully and kindly especially for the first fifteen days. There is an estimation that most of the household maids give up within 2 weeks of joining or after getting their initial salary. If they don’t leave within that period, it means that they feel safe and satisfied and there is a huge possibility that they will stay with you for a longer time.

● Sometimes a candidate gets ready for the physical interview but never appears for it. This is the reason we suggest that you keep a minimum of one candidate as a backup while connecting over telephone, so that we can arrange the next candidate for you without any time being wasted.

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Full-Time Maid Service In Mumbai

Nowadays, it looks like everyone keeps busy the whole day. Due to busy family life, most of the women don’t get time to clean their house properly which in turn affects them with bad hygiene and poor health. Luckily, there is a solution to this problem and it is hiring a full-time maid in your house from Reliance maid services.

We are here to make your maid searching task much easier. We at Reliable maid services, provide Full-Time Maid Services in Mumbai for anyone who is looking out for reliable maids. You can trust our service completely as we keep track of our staff and get regular updates from our customers. We also consider their reviews and suggestions and always try to improve our services.

Whether you're busy with your family, career, or unable to complete all household tasks due to health issues, getting a Full-Time Maid Services in Mumbai is going to be a lifesaver. Here are some valid reasons you may need to a hire full-time maid.

Reasons To Hire A Full-Time Maid Service:

● If you are working full time and there is no one to take care of your house, then you need to hire a full-time maid.
● If your schedule is already devastating and keeping the house in order becomes a serious task, then you can hire a full-time maid.
● If you are not medically fit or energetic enough to carry out household cleaning tasks daily, you better opt for a full-time maid.
● If you have a newborn or an elderly person in your house, it becomes difficult to take care of them along with doing daily household chores. So, hire a full-time maid for housekeeping tasks and spend quality time with family.

How does our professional maid work?

Reliance maid services provide the best way to dirt-free up the mess that has put up over the days. They make sure that the home is 100% germ-free. Especially, if you have the kids or senior citizens at home, professional maids enable the house environment dust-free so that infection or viruses can be eliminated. If you hire a maid from us, they will choose the right equipment and products for cleaning the house. If you adopt an option to hire a maid at a professional level, they will set the right cleaning schedule, without wasting your time. If you are suffering from dust allergy, you can get relief from the dust allergy problem if you hire a maid from us because they leave no corner to clean.

Job Duties Of A Full-Time Maid Service In Mumbai:

1. Clean bedrooms, living rooms, kitchen, washrooms, corridors, and other areas to meet health standards.
2. Clean rugs, carpets, sofas, and other things using vacuum cleaners.
3. Care for children and elderly members and assist them with dressing, bathing, eating, and other needs.
4. Purchase groceries and household supplies and record expenditures.
5. Sweep and polish floors.
6. Keep storage areas and carts well-stocked, clean, and tidy.
7. Iron and fold the washed clothes and keep in place.
8. Wash windows, walls, ceilings, and woodwork whenever required.
9. Cook and serve meals as per your choice.
10. Wash dishes and clean the kitchen etc.


1. Opportunity to focus on important things-
By hiring a full-time maid, you will get the opportunity to focus on more productive things that are going to improve your living standards without worrying about household chores.
2. Any time availability-
Full-time maids are available for 24x7 whenever you need them. In some cases of emergency, they are always available to take care of your house and family members.
3. They are professionals-
They are well trained to do household chores professionally. You will also find your house neat and tidy because they have the skills to make your house look clean and attractive.
4. A good relationship is maintained-
They learn about your schedule, likes and dislikes, your favorite food items, and other things that help them to serve you appropriately and maintain a healthy relationship.

Our Standard Operations

Every industry and business has its standard of operations to run the business smoothly and efficiently. Likewise, the Reliance maid services also have the standard operating procedures that include a variety of tasks, like cleaning, scheduling, and maintaining the records.
Cleaning - Our cleaning procedure for corporate cleaning service is based on a team of employees who work together to clean the entire office/ floor/ building. Our employees know how to work together efficiently so that each cleaning process is as professional and satisfactory as possible.
Not all cleaning jobs require a team to accomplish, such as a full-time maid service for residential purposes. To have a professional and organized procedure, we lay out a general plan for our cleaning team members to follow for each home they clean. Having a defined structure makes the process quicker and also reduces the possibility of forgetting to clean a certain area since it becomes a mental checklist that the team will work their way through.
Our employees not only work with a routine but also have the flexibility to adapt to any kind of situation just to keep our customers happy and satisfied.
Scheduling - Reliance maid services maintain a schedule for employees to serve all the clients to avoid any confusion and misunderstanding. Clients who are satisfied with their cleaning service often prefer to see the same faces from week to week, so we should try to schedule the same employees for the same customers routinely. In the case of full-time maid services in Mumbai, our clients prefer the same maid for years. This helps to strengthen the bond and maintain the relationship between our employees and clients.
Maintaining Records - Reliance maid services have maintained a record of all the employees and our ex-employees. We first verify the candidate before hiring them. After verification, all their data is securely and confidentially stored on our system. All the candidates we hire have a clear background and we assure you that there won’t be any fraud case. We also maintain the records of our clients properly. This helps us to schedule the maid for our clients.
Action against Grievance - Full-Time Maid Services in Mumbai is so excellent that our clients don’t get an opportunity to file any complaint against us. Our maids are also very genuine. Still, if anything happens, we always take a quick action to resolve the issue immediately by taking the appropriate decision. Our staff is quite sophisticated and won’t trouble you at any cost.

House Maid Services In Mumbai

In the residential service industry, like the Reliance maid services names such as “Maid,” “Housekeeper” and “House Cleaner” are used frequently.
Irrespective of what a client or service company calls the crew carrying out cleaning jobs, they all have alike crucial duties of cleaning or cooking.
So, what does a House Maid do? Housemaids clean the house and get rid of dirt, dust, grease, and grime using different sorts of cleaners and equipment.
House maid services in Mumbai provide service on a daily basis so that you get the satisfaction of getting a home clean up and look fresh.
Here are some of the cleaning jobs a House Maid Services in Mumbai performs:
● Scrubbing
● Mopping
● Sweeping
● Vacuuming
● Dusting
● Washing windows
● Loading dishwashers
● Taking out trash
● Making beds
We also provide services for caretakers, cooks, and babysitters. For that, we have employed a well-trained and background-verified team. Our Services includes the following-
● Cloth Washing and Ironing .
● Utensils Cleaning.
● Gardening
● Senior person Caretaking.
● Newborn Caretaking.
● Mental/Physical Disability Care.
● Cooking
● Babysitting and much more.
Reliance maid services provide the House Maid Services in all the regions of Mumbai. No work is left out and no task goes unnoticed in our proven deep cleaning services. We provide the same degree of care and detail in our occasional cleaning services so that our customers always get the very best treatment from us. We give a lot of attention to our customers and ensure each customer is satisfied. House maid services in Mumbai provide domestic services for:
● Kitchen
● Bathrooms
● Living Room
● Bedrooms
● Floor Cleaning
● Balcony
● And other parts of the house
Reliance maid services provide a 100% guarantee with all our cleaning and cooking services and get feedback and reviews from our customers to enhance our cleaning teams and our services. That’s the reason most of our customers recommend our services to their family and friends.

Features of House maid services in Mumbai:

Experience - We have been active in the industry for years, so we know what exactly you want and we will offer it as it’s needed. Our experts will offer you quality and professional maid service any time you need our services.
Reliability - House maid services in Mumbai are of great use for customers with children and pets as our reliable maid services will help in maintaining the cleanliness of the house. Our housemaid services have been checked, and highly rated by our customers. Thus, you can go through various reviews regarding our maid service before registering to ensure you are working with a highly rated maid. With such info, you will be reliable and tension free as you hire our services.
Capability - House maid services in Mumbai are highly skilled and you will love the quality services they will offer to you at an affordable cost. Due to their expertise in cleaning, they are highly capable of turning a messy home into a clean and well-organized home.
Flexibility - Reliance maid services send maids at your home as per your requirement and schedule. To make it more flexible and convenient, notice us at least 24 hours earlier if you want any changes in your schedule and we will create a special schedule for you and you will like our services more than before.
Punctuality -House maid services in Mumbai are very particular about time and working hours. Our maids are punctual enough to reach the field on time. They complete their working hours and never leave before time. Also, you will be amazed to know that they hardly take any leaves. This is the specialty of the Reliance maid services. We offer quality and quantity service to our clients.
Assurity - Don’t remain silent if you feel you are not satisfied with the cleaning which has been done. If at all you have a viable reason, get in touch with Reliance maid services within 24 hours and we will resolve the issue. Your satisfaction is our priority and business. Thus, never can we compromise the services we offer. We assure you that our maids will never disappoint you related to their job, weather cleaning, or cooking. They work sincerely and are highly productive.
Consistency and dedication - House maid services in Mumbai not only provide quality service in the early days or weeks but for years and years until they serve you. We have maintained consistency in satisfying our clients and continue to do so. Our maids are also highly dedicated to their job. They are quite hard working and never let you disappoint.
The maids from our House Maid Services in Mumbai will help you clean and cook for good health. Our service doesn’t believe a home is clean until and unless it shines brightly and creates a healthier environment for our customers and their families to live. Unlike other home cleaning services that use outdated cleaning tools like feather dusters and brooms, we don’t allow dirt and dust to move around, we get rid of it in the healthiest way possible using modern cleaning tools such as vacuum cleaners.
Our cleaning equipment can clean up to 99% of allergens, dust, pollen, and other pollutants from our customers’ homes. The maids from our House Maid Services in Mumbai use eco-friendly cleaners whenever possible, and we use the branded cleaning solutions.

Why Choose Reliance maid services in Mumbai?

● Our flexible and budget-friendly services have helped us earn a dedicated business.
● You can contact us for your domestic help service requirements.
● We find the housemaids or our customer’s precise requirements, maids who are residing in nearby locations, or 24 hours maid service as per client’s needs.
● Our crew members are educated, experienced, trained, and know the specific language. They are also accurate, punctual, and smart enough to manage their daily tasks.
● We ensure you to serve you with integrity, honesty, and sincerity. ● We always give our custom.
● We always give our customers a good and fair deal at a reasonable cost. We also provide competitive prices for the services with excellent results for the strong client relationship.
Get in touch with Reliance maid services for a quality cleaning maid service. Once you book us, you will never regret it. You will be working with a professional company that will offer you quality, flexibility, assurity, and reliability as mentioned above from highly experienced experts in the industry. Your hectic schedule should not bother you, we have got the solution to your problem. Get in touch with us and we will advise you further on necessary steps to take to ensure you get the best house maid services in Mumbai.