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About Us

( Over 10+ years of experience and top leading maid agency in Mumbai )

● Now a days everyone is living a busy, hectic and tense life. We always wish we had some magical power to complete our daily chores within a fraction of a second so that we can enjoy and live our life the way we want to. Don't we? We actually have those magicians in the form of maids but they are hardly trustworthy.

● Many at times it happens that we get to know early in the morning that the maid won't show up today and that spoils our mood for the rest of the day. But what if that day is very important for you at your work-place and you can’t afford to take a leave, then how can you manage both the tasks simultaneously?

● Breathe a sigh of relief as we are here to solve this problem for you. We can provide the all in one solution for all your household service needs. We provide professional and well-trained service staff that can fulfil all your domestic needs. We have all kinds of domestic helpers like professional cooks, cleaners, housemaids, caretakers, nannies, peons, nurses who can take away your household worries.

● We adore our customers and it reflects in the way we treat them. Any complain notified to us is resolved on highest priority and with urgency and efficiency.

● We verify all the personal details of the maids whom we include on our list and we make sure that they are trustworthy and everything is fine with their professional background. Every candidate has to abide by a set of standards before being included on our list. Hence, you should not doubt our service regarding the quality. Along with the high-quality we also provide service at a very reasonable cost.

● There is no need for you to negotiate when you deal with us as our costs are already very reasonable and affordable. Our payment method is secured to ensure that your payment remains safe.

● No task is hard for us and we accept all the challenges that come along our way. It doesn't matter whether your work is big or small; we are always ready to serve you on priority. We guarantee high-quality service for all your domestic needs.

● We have designed our website considering all your needs and demands. You can conduct personalized searches to get precisely what you want. If you face any difficulty, you can contact us immediately. We are always ready to help.

● Browse our website to see how we can simplify your complicated life. We ensure you that you will never think of switching the service once you have hired us.

Best Maid Agency in Mumbai

Every family requires a maid for one or more reasons. It could be anything like house cleaning, full-time home care, cooking, babysitting, or elderly care, etc. However, finding a perfect maid is one of the most difficult tasks for a large number of people. But now, you can get relief from this stress as Reliance maid services have undertaken your responsibility. Reliable maid service is one of the leading maid placement agencies in Mumbai. As the name suggests, you will find the most reliable and dedicated maids here. That’s why we are considered the Best Maid Agency in Mumbai.
You have to just register with our agency through a phone call or website and we will search the best and appropriate maids based on your preferences. We have a large number of registered maids for different purposes and they all are very efficient, honest, and enthusiastic about their work. Reliable maid agency is one of the Best Maid Agency in Mumbai. which is recognized for its wonderful services in the field of domestic work. We have been providing our services to a lot of customers for many years. Our main aim is the satisfaction of our customers and we perform our level best to fulfil all the needs of our customers in the minimum possible time.

What Are The Key Features of Our Company?

Reliance maid services is one of the renowned maid agencies in Mumbai. Our maid services are well-known for its reliability, cost-effectiveness, and timeliness. There are many key features which contribute to making us one of the Best Maid Agency in Mumbai.
● Reliance maid services offer maid services for all your needs in the minimum possible rate.
● We have registered, verified, and licensed maids available for your service. ● Before hiring, all maids undergo a proper background check with all of their documents submitted with us.
● You can book any maid with just one click.
● All our domestic maids are efficient, educated, and well-trained according to the service they provide.
● Reliance maid services believe in perfection and hence, we provide proper training to our staff by ourselves so that they will give the best services to our customers.
● We have very affectionate and caring nannies for your children so that you can leave all your worries to them.
● The extra care that your parents require is also provided by our caretakers very efficiently.
● We have maids available for different time slots from which you can select the best maids which suits your timing.
In addition to searching for a cleaner service that can provide you with several reputable references, you should also select a cleaner service that can provide a custom work plan to meet your specific needs. A good cleaner service meets with you before ever cleaning your home to go over exactly what you want them to do in your home. This can include details such as how deeply you want to clean your home, how frequently you want them to come to your home, and which specific areas you want them to focus on. Creating a custom work plan ensures you are completely satisfied with the services you receive.
When it comes to keeping your home clean at all times, it is often helpful to enlist the aid of a cleaner service, as they can provide top-quality house cleaning and ensure you always come home to clean a place.

Below are the key features that proves that our maids are the best:

● The maids from Reliance maid services are excellent organizational, follow time management, and possess problem-solving skills.
● They maintain confidentiality in family affairs and business matters.
● All our maids are pet-friendly and non-allergic to dust or any other component.
● They are professional in exceptional cleaning and customer service skills.
● They are experienced in cleaning big houses and work under pressure.
● They have sound knowledge of different cleaning methods.
● Our maids are able to work with minimal supervision.
● They are multitasking and detail-oriented.
● They are always ready to work extra in any case of emergency.
● Our maids are healthy, medically fit and fine and eligible to work hard, lift weights whenever required.
● They have effective communication skills and are quite sophisticated.
● Also, they maintain good hygiene and represent themselves well.

Reasons for hiring the Best maid agency in Mumbai:

● Busy schedule - If you are a working person, it can be hard to find the time to clean your house. Best maid agency in Mumbai can help you with that.
● Focus on other things - If there is a maid to clean the house, you can focus on more important things rather than cleaning.
● Come home to a clean house - No one likes to return home tired after a long day and then again start cleaning and cooking. With the Best maid agency in Mumbai , you don’t have to worry about that.
● Regular cleanings - Sometimes it can be hard to maintain a clean home, especially if you have kids at home. Best maid agency in Mumbai can help keep your home maintained with regular cleanings.
● Easy to find - You have to just register with our agency through a phone call or website and the best and professional maid will soon be ready to serve you.
● Reliable cleanings - Being one of the Best maid agencies in Mumbai , it is our job to provide high-quality, reliable cleaning service professionals at your doorstep.
● Experience - The Best maid agency in Mumbai provides maids that have a lot of experience in the industry which lends itself to superb cleanings. ● Expertise - Our maid services are experts at what they do, so you know you can rely on them to give your home a good scrubbing.
● Professional equipment - Professional-grade cleaning equipment used by our maid services give your home a deep cleansing and a new look.
Due to our amazing and outstanding services, we have reached the position of the Best Maid Agency in Mumbai. All of this is made possible only because of our hardworking and dedicated staff who work everyday with the same passion and honesty. Reliance maid services believe in gaining the trust of our customers through our services. Thus, we always try to gratify our customers by taking all their troubles on our shoulders so that they can enjoy their lives. We provide trustworthy and hygienic maids for full-time or part-time domestic help as per your requirement.

Maid Service Agency in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai

At Reliance maid services, we provide a maid service agency in Mumbai for more than 10 years. We offer services like housemaids, cooks, caretakers, babysitters, patient care, elderly care, Japa maid, pet care, driver, etc. You can call us on +91 9324357528, or visit our website http://reliancemaidservices.com to register at Reliance maid services.
We have efficient team members to provide the assured and secured services to our clients. We are a private limited maid service company that provides our customers with a solution for their home assistance requirements. Using our services people can search home maids across the city. Backed by a bunch of maids, we offer you reliable and trustworthy home maid service, as no other maid service agency in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai has ever offered.
Reliance maid services, inspired by the ever-increasing needs of people for housemaids in India, is the one-stop solution for all your caretaker needs. We being one of the best maid service agencies in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai serves you with the best quality, highly reliable, and professional maid service in Mumbai.
With the Reliance maid services on your fingertips, all your domiciliary needs will be taken care of! You can contact us via our website and also leave a message in case you have any queries. You can even find the pricing on our website and book any type of service there itself.
If you had been thinking of recruiting a cook, you may have thought of a list of reasons why you require that service. Starting from the reliability of service to the cost, you may have discussed several things. If you are ever worried about the qualities of the cook, take a sigh of relief as we are here. Reliance maid services provides the cook with the best qualities for their clients as given below.

Qualities of a professional cook from Reliance maid services-

● Experience of Cooking: Our cooks are experienced enough and hence have a good speed and never make mistakes while cooking. They know how to make a perfect balance of oil and spices to make the food healthy and tasty.
● Specialty in Cooking: All our cooks know cooking all the special dishes along with regular ones. They are expertise in cooking all the Indian traditional dishes like Gujarati, Punjabi, Maharashtrian, South Indian, etc.
● Responsibility Check: Our cooks check with the responsibility caliber of the person. They take the responsibility to shop the groceries and other necessities when required. Cooking itself is quite a responsible work so it requires someone witty and responsible to handle it rightly.
● Maintains Hygiene: Reliance maid services provides cooks that know the importance of maintaining and cooking the food with clean and washed hands, vegetables, and utensils.
● Language: All our cooks speak the languages spoken in Mumbai like Hindi, Marathi, and basic English.
● Honest and Reliable: Cooks from Reliance maid services are quite honest and reliable. You can completely rely on them and give them any cooking responsibility.
● Polite: Our cooks are also well-mannered and have a polite nature.
Not only our cooks but our entire team is talented and multi-tasking. Talking about our caretakers, whether elderly caretakers or patient caretakers, will always satisfy you with their job. They put their 100% effort into caregiving. Here are some glimpses of the professionalism of our caretakers.
Caretakers adopt a key role in the lives of the elderly and sick people. We at Reliance maid services provide experienced and verified professionals for patient care in Mumbai.
1. Check for medical needs
You need not worry about your patients' medicines as our caretakers keep a complete track of medical appointments, daily medicines, or health check-ups. Also, they give you a daily report about the patient’s health and update about buying the medicines if out of stock.
2. Make a care plan
Caretakers from Reliance maid services prepare a care plan that addresses your senior loved one’s care needs and goals before they begin the caregiving journey. They share this plan with you to help you determine how many hours of care a day your loved one will require and whether you need additional help to ensure their health and safety.
3. Assist with basic needs
Elderly people or patients mostly face memory loss and mobility issues. Our caretakers help them with basic needs such as eating, bathing, grooming, and toileting. They check in often and keep an eye on specific signs and changes to determine if your loved one needs extra help.
4. Create a bond
One of the most important but sometimes forgotten parts of caregiving is companionship. Feelings of loneliness in older adults can lead to serious health issues like depression. Maid service agency in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai provide caretakers who care for an aging loved one and create a strong bond and connection with them.
5. Help with housekeeping
As your loved one ages, maintaining a home can become increasingly difficult. But when you take service from Reliance maid services you can stay tension-free as our caretakers also take care of housekeeping like making beds for elderly people, cleaning their room, organizing the mess created by them, etc.
6. Assist with transfer and mobility
Being an older adult, here are high chances of falling down and getting injured. Your loved one may have difficulty moving or walking from their bed in the morning to a chair in the afternoon. A caretaker from Reliance maid services, take the initiative to help prevent falls and help your loved one stay safe and secured.
7. Provide transportation
Whether patient or elderly people, public transportation or driving are not safe options. Therefore, Maid service Agency in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai provides caretakers who can even look for senior transportation alternatives to get your loved one to doctor’s appointments and other activities safely. 8. Help with Personal Hygiene and Care
Many elderly people face difficulty with the activities of daily living. Our caretakers help them with bathing, using the toilet, cleaning up after being sick, or washing and combing their hair, etc. They serve elderly people with love and patience and have a kind nature.

Vision and Mission

Reliance Maid Services focus on the quality of the Services. We assure that the employees, patients, students, and other visitors gain utmost satisfaction from our services.

Before providing the services, our team ensures few essential points:

β€’ We prioritize planning and keep a Flexible Management Approach
β€’ We ensure that our work is well organized and keep a check on our Client’s requirements. Conflict Resolution is our Priority and we pay complete heed to our Customer’s suggestions
β€’ We review and evaluate our services on timely basis and strive for continuous improvement
β€’ We Respect the Opinion of our teammates and members Connected to our Group
β€’ We take the complete Responsibility and care about our staff, customers and environment as attaining satisfaction is our ultimate Goal
β€’ We believe in integrity. We keep honesty, flexibility, and openness as our centre values