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About Us

( Over 10+ years of experience and top leading maid agency in Mumbai )

● Now a days everyone is living a busy, hectic and tense life. We always wish we had some magical power to complete our daily chores within a fraction of a second so that we can enjoy and live our life the way we want to. Don't we? We actually have those magicians in the form of maids but they are hardly trustworthy.

● Many at times it happens that we get to know early in the morning that the maid won't show up today and that spoils our mood for the rest of the day. But what if that day is very important for you at your work-place and you can’t afford to take a leave, then how can you manage both the tasks simultaneously?

● Breathe a sigh of relief as we are here to solve this problem for you. We can provide the all in one solution for all your household service needs. We provide professional and well-trained service staff that can fulfil all your domestic needs. We have all kinds of domestic helpers like professional cooks, cleaners, housemaids, caretakers, nannies, peons, nurses who can take away your household worries.

● We adore our customers and it reflects in the way we treat them. Any complain notified to us is resolved on highest priority and with urgency and efficiency.

● We verify all the personal details of the maids whom we include on our list and we make sure that they are trustworthy and everything is fine with their professional background. Every candidate has to abide by a set of standards before being included on our list. Hence, you should not doubt our service regarding the quality. Along with the high-quality we also provide service at a very reasonable cost.

● There is no need for you to negotiate when you deal with us as our costs are already very reasonable and affordable. Our payment method is secured to ensure that your payment remains safe.

● No task is hard for us and we accept all the challenges that come along our way. It doesn't matter whether your work is big or small; we are always ready to serve you on priority. We guarantee high-quality service for all your domestic needs.

● We have designed our website considering all your needs and demands. You can conduct personalized searches to get precisely what you want. If you face any difficulty, you can contact us immediately. We are always ready to help.

● Browse our website to see how we can simplify your complicated life. We ensure you that you will never think of switching the service once you have hired us.

Vision and Mission

Reliance Maid Services focus on the quality of the Services. We assure that the employees, patients, students, and other visitors gain utmost satisfaction from our services.

Before providing the services, our team ensures few essential points:

• We prioritize planning and keep a Flexible Management Approach
• We ensure that our work is well organized and keep a check on our Client’s requirements. Conflict Resolution is our Priority and we pay complete heed to our Customer’s suggestions
• We review and evaluate our services on timely basis and strive for continuous improvement
• We Respect the Opinion of our teammates and members Connected to our Group
• We take the complete Responsibility and care about our staff, customers and environment as attaining satisfaction is our ultimate Goal
• We believe in integrity. We keep honesty, flexibility, and openness as our centre values